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Maximizing the Overall Satisfaction Degree of all Participants in the Market Using Real Code-based Genetic Algorithm by Optimally Locating and Sizing the Thyristor-Controlled Series Capacitor
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 Title & Authors
Maximizing the Overall Satisfaction Degree of all Participants in the Market Using Real Code-based Genetic Algorithm by Optimally Locating and Sizing the Thyristor-Controlled Series Capacitor
Nabavi, Seyed M.H.; Hajforoosh, Somayeh; Hajforoosh, Sajad; Karimi, Ali; Khafafi, Kamran;
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The present paper presents a genetic algorithm (GA) to maximize social welfare and perform congestion management by optimally placing and sizing one Thyristor-Controlled Series Capacitor (TCSC) device in a double-sided auction market. Simulation results, with line flow constraints before and after the compensation, are compared through the Sequential Quadratic Programming SQP method, and are used to analyze the effect of TCSC on the congestion levels of modified IEEE 14-bus and 30-bus test systems. Quadratic, smooth and nonsmooth (with sine components due to valve point loading effect) generator cost curves, and quadratic smooth consumer benefit functions are considered. The main aims of the present study are the inclusion of customer benefit in the social welfare maximization and congestion management objective function, the consideration of nonsmooth generator characteristics, and the optimal locating and sizing of the TCSC using real code-based GA to guarantee fast convergence to the best solution.
Congestion management;Double-sided auction market;Real code-based GA;Rescheduling;Social welfare maximization;TCSC;
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