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Performance of High-Speed 4/2 Switched Reluctance Motor
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 Title & Authors
Performance of High-Speed 4/2 Switched Reluctance Motor
Lee, Dong-Hee; Ahn, Jin-Woo;
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The current study presents the design and performance of a novel 4/2 switched reluctance motor (SRM) for a high-speed air blower. With a comparative study of some rotor structures for a high-speed drive, a stepper-type rotor is optimized to produce a continuous torque and a low torque ripple. Rotor pole arc is modified to have a wide continuous output torque region, and air gap is determined to develop less torque ripple. The rotor radius is determined to reduce torque ripple with a reiterative FEM analysis. The designed rotor has three regions: short uniform, long uniform, and nonuniform air-gap region. The positive torque region is wider than a conventional 4/2 SRM without any torque dead zone. A prototype is tested and the efficiency is up to 72[%] at 30,000[rpm], 600[w] output.
High Speed;4/2 SRM;Non-uniform air gap;Asymmetric inductance profile;
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