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Sliding Mode Control with Fixed Switching Frequency for Four-wire Shunt Active Filter
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 Title & Authors
Sliding Mode Control with Fixed Switching Frequency for Four-wire Shunt Active Filter
Hamoudi, Farid; Chaghi, A. Aziz; Amimeur, Hocine; Merabet, El Kheir;
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The present paper proposes a sliding mode control with fixed switching frequency for three-phase three-leg voltage source inverter based four-wire shunt active power filter. The aim is to improve phase current waveform, neutral current mitigation, and reactive power compensation in electric power distribution system. The performed sliding mode for active filter current control is formulated using elementary differential geometry. The discrete control vector is deduced from the sliding surface accessibility using the Lyapunov stability. The problem of the switching frequency is addressed by considering hysteresis comparators for the switched signals generation. Through this method, a variable hysteresis band has been established as a function of the sliding mode equivalent control and a predefined switching frequency in order to keep this band constant. The proposed control has been verified with computer simulation which showed satisfactory results.
Sliding mode control;Switching frequency;Four-wire active filter;Current harmonics compensation;
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