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Optimization Shape of Variable-Capacitance Micromotor Using Seeker Optimization Algorithm
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 Title & Authors
Optimization Shape of Variable-Capacitance Micromotor Using Seeker Optimization Algorithm
Ketabi, Abbas; Navardi, Mohammad Javad;
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In the current paper, the optimization shape of a polysilicon variable-capacitance micromotor (VCM) was determined using the seeker optimization algorithm (SOA). The optimum goal of the algorithm was to find the maximum torque value and minimum ripple torque by varying the geometrical parameters. The optimization process was performed using a combination of SOA and the finite-element method (FEM). The fitness value was calculated via FEM analysis using COMSOL3.4, and SOA was realized by MATLAB7.4. The proposed method was applied to a VCM with eight and six poles at the stator and rotor, respectively. For comparison, this optimization was also performed using the genetic algorithm. The results show that the optimized micromotor using SOA had a higher torque value and lower torque ripple, indicating the validity of this methodology for VCM design.
Variable-capacitance micromotor (VCM);Finite-element method (FEM);Seeker optimization algorithm (SOA);Micromotor optimization;MEMS;
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