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Contribution of Maxwell Stress in Air on the Deformations of Induction Machines
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 Title & Authors
Contribution of Maxwell Stress in Air on the Deformations of Induction Machines
Fonteyn, K.A.; Belahcen, A.; Rasilo, P.; Kouhia, R.; Arkkio, A.;
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Deformations in a cage-induction machine are investigated with simulations. The contribution of the Maxwell stress in the air gap and coil regions of the machine on the deformation is studied by comparing results obtained with and without inclusion of the stress into the calculation. The work attests the acceptability of an energy-based magneto-mechanical model for a 2D mesh of two different rotating electrical machines.
Induction machine;Magnetoelasticity;Magnetostriction;Maxwell stress;Vibrations;
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