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Analysis and Application of a Hybrid Motor Structure Convenient to Modify the Magnet and Reluctance Torques on the Rotor
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 Title & Authors
Analysis and Application of a Hybrid Motor Structure Convenient to Modify the Magnet and Reluctance Torques on the Rotor
Beser, Esra Kandemir; Camur, Sabri; Arifoglu, Birol; Beser, Ersoy;
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This paper presents a hybrid motor prototype convenient to modify the magnet and reluctance torques. The rotor of the prototype consists of magnet and reluctance parts, so the generated torque includes both magnet and reluctance torques. A considerable feature of the motor is that the ratio of the magnet and reluctance parts can be modified on the rotor and the rotor hybridization ratio can be varied. Another important point is the mechanical angle between the parts changed by means of the suitable construction of the parts on the rotor shaft. Finite element (FE) analysis was carried out for the proposed motor and static torque measurements were realized. The FE results were compared with the experimental results. Average torque and maximum torque values were obtained and three dimensional 3-D graphs were formed by using the experimental data. It is possible to make different combinations by changing the parts and the angle between the parts due to the proposed motor. So the magnet and reluctance torques are modified and different combinations give different torque behavior.
Hybrid motor;Permanent magnet;Reluctance;Axially laminated;Hybridization;
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