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Optimized Security Algorithm for IEC 61850 based Power Utility System
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 Title & Authors
Optimized Security Algorithm for IEC 61850 based Power Utility System
Yang, Hyo-Sik; Kim, Sang-Sig; Jang, Hyuk-Soo;
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As power grids are integrated into one big umbrella (i.e., Smart Grid), communication network plays a key role in reliable and stable operation of power grids. For successful operation of smart grid, interoperability and security issues must be resolved. Security means providing network system integrity, authentication, and confidentiality service. For a cyber-attack to a power grid system, which may jeopardize the national security, vulnerability of communication infrastructure has a serious impact on the power grid network. While security aspects of power grid network have been studied much, security mechanisms are rarely adopted in power gird communication network. For security issues, strict timing requirements are defined in IEC 61850 for mission critical messages (i.e., GOOSE). In this paper, we apply security algorithms (i.e., MD-5, SHA-1, and RSA) and measure their processing time and transmission delay of secured mission critical messages. The results show the algorithms satisfying the timing requirements defined in IEC 61850 and we observer the algorithm that is optimal for secure communication of mission critical messages. Numerical analysis shows that SHA-1 is preferable for secure GOOSE message sending.
IEC 61850;Network performance;Performance analysis;Security;Smart grid;
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GOOSE 프로토콜 환경에서 Snort 기반의 침입 탐지 시스템 개발,김형동;김기현;하재철;

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