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Highly Miniaturized and Performed UWB Bandpass Filter Embedded into PCB with SrTiO3 Composite Layer
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 Title & Authors
Highly Miniaturized and Performed UWB Bandpass Filter Embedded into PCB with SrTiO3 Composite Layer
Cheon, Seong-Jong; Park, Jun-Hwan; Park, Jae-Yeong;
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In this paper, a highly miniaturized and performed UWB bandpass filter has been newly designed and implemented by embedding all the passive elements into a multi-layered PCB substrate with high dielectric composite film for 3.1 - 4.75 GHz compact UWB system applications. The high dielectric composite film was utilized to increase the capacitance densities and quality factors of capacitors embedded into the PCB. In order to reduce the size of the filter and avoid parasitic EM coupling between the embedded filter circuit elements, it was designed by using a order Chebyshev circuit topology and a capacitive coupled transformation technology. Independent transmission zeros were also applied for improving the attenuation of the filter at the desired stopbands. The measured insertion and return losses in the passband were better than 1.68 and 12 dB, with a minimum value of 0.78 dB. The transmission zeros of the measured response were occurred at 2.2 and 5.15 GHz resulting in excellent suppressions of 31 and 20 dB at WLAN bands of 2.4 and 5.15 GHz, respectively. The size of the fabricated bandpass filter was .
Bandpass filters;Embedded passive devices (EPDs);Independent transmission zeros;Jinverter;Multi-layered PCB substrate;High dielectric composite;Ultra wideband (UWB);
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