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Optimum Design of Transverse Flux Machine for High Contribution of Permanent Magnet to Torque Using Response Surface Methodology
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 Title & Authors
Optimum Design of Transverse Flux Machine for High Contribution of Permanent Magnet to Torque Using Response Surface Methodology
Xie, Jia; Kang, Do-Hyun; Woo, Byung-Chul; Lee, Ji-Young; Sha, Zheng-Hui; Zhao, Sheng-Dun;
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Transverse flux machine (TFM) has been proved to be very suitable for high-torque, low-speed, and direct-drive situation in industry. But the complex structures and costly permanent magnets (PMs) are two key limitations of its wide range of applications. This paper proposes a new claw pole TFM (ACPTFM) which features an assembled claw pole stator and using the lamination steels material to overcome the complex structures. By combining response surface methodology (RSM) with design of experiment, an optimum design method is put forward to improve the PM's contribution to the torque in order to save the PM's amount. The optimum design results demonstrate the validity of the proposed optimum design method and the optimized model. Eventually, the finite-element analysis (FEA) calculation method, which is used in the optimization process, is verified by the experiments in a prototype.
Claw pole transverse flux machine;Contribution of permanent magnet to torque;Optimum design;Response surface methodology;
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