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Development of Fault Location Algorithm and Its Verification Experiments for HVDC Submarine Cables
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 Title & Authors
Development of Fault Location Algorithm and Its Verification Experiments for HVDC Submarine Cables
Jung, Chae-Kyun; Park, Hung-Sok; Kang, Ji-Won; Wang, Xinheng; Kim, Yong-Kab; Lee, Jong-Beom;
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A new fault location algorithm based on stationary wavelet transform and its verification experiment results are described for HVDC submarine cables in this paper. For wavelet based fault location algorithm, firstly, 4th level approximation coefficients decomposed by wavelet transform function are superimposed by correlation, then the distance to the fault point is calculated by time delay between the first incident signal and the second reflected signal. For the verification of this algorithm, the real experiments based on various fault conditions and return types of fault current are performed at HVDC submarine cable test yard located in KEPCO(Korea Electric Power Corporation) Power Testing Center of South Korea. It proves that the fault location method proposed in this paper is very simple but very quick and accurate for HVDC submarine cable fault location.
Approximation coefficient;HVDC submarine cables;Fault location;Wavelet transform;
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