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A Comparative Study on Frequency Estimation Methods
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 Title & Authors
A Comparative Study on Frequency Estimation Methods
Kim, Yoon Sang; Kim, Chul-Hwan; Ban, Woo-Hyeon; Park, Chul-Won;
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In this paper, a comparative study on the frequency estimation methods using IRDWT (Improved Recursive Discrete Wavelet Transform), FRDWT(Fast Recursive Discrete Wavelet Transform), and GCDFT(Gain Compensator Discrete Fourier Transform) is presented. The 345[kV] power system modeling data of the Republic of Korea by EMTP-RV is used to evaluate the performance of the proposed two kinds of RDWT(IRDWT and FRDWT) and GCDFT. The simulation results show that the frequency estimation technique based on FRDWT could be the optimal frequency measurement method, and thus can be applied to FDR(Fault Disturbance Recorder) for wide-area blackout protection or frequency measurement apparatus.
Power information;345kV power system;FDR;GCDFT;EMTP-RV;FRDWT;Frequency estimation;IRDWT;Wide-area blackout protection;Wavelet Transform;
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