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Digital Implementation of PWM Techniques for Two-phase Eight-switch Inverter fed Brushless DC Motor Drives
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 Title & Authors
Digital Implementation of PWM Techniques for Two-phase Eight-switch Inverter fed Brushless DC Motor Drives
Lin, Hai; You, Yong-Min; Cheon, Sung-Rock; Kwon, Byung-Il;
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This paper reports an investigation of pulse width modulation (PWM) techniques for two-phase brushless DC (BLDC) motors fed by a two-phase eight-switch inverter in a fan application. The three-phase BLDC motor is widely applied in industry; however, a lower-cost two-phase BLDC motor and drive circuit has been greatly in demand in recent years. In this paper, we introduce a mathematical model of the two-phase BLDC motor with sinusoidal back electromotive forces (EMFs) based on traditional three-phase BLDC motors. To simplify the drive algorithm and speed up its application, we analyze the principle of block commutation for a two-phase BLDC motor drive in the 180-electrical-degree conduction mode, and we further propose five PWM schemes to improve the commutation performance of the two-phase BLDC drive. The effectiveness of the proposed PWM methods is verified through experiments.
Two-phase brushless DC motor;PWM technique;Inverter;
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