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Improving Forecast Accuracy of Wind Speed Using Wavelet Transform and Neural Networks
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 Title & Authors
Improving Forecast Accuracy of Wind Speed Using Wavelet Transform and Neural Networks
Ramesh Babu, N.; Arulmozhivarman, P.;
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In this paper a new hybrid forecast method composed of wavelet transform and neural network is proposed to forecast the wind speed more accurately. In the field of wind energy research, accurate forecast of wind speed is a challenging task. This will influence the power system scheduling and the dynamic control of wind turbine. The wind data used here is measured at 15 minute time intervals. The performance is evaluated based on the metrics, namely, mean square error, mean absolute error, sum squared error of the proposed model and compared with the back propagation model. Simulation studies are carried out and it is reported that the proposed model outperforms the compared model based on the metrics used and conclusions were drawn appropriately.
Wind speed;Forecast;Wavelet transform;Neural networks;Back propagation;
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