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A Novel Hearability Enhancement Method for Forward-Link Multilateration Using OFDM Signal
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 Title & Authors
A Novel Hearability Enhancement Method for Forward-Link Multilateration Using OFDM Signal
Park, Ji-Won; Lim, Jeong-Min; Lee, Kyu-Jin; Sung, Tae-Kyung;
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Together with the GPS-based approach, geo-location through mobile communication networks is a key technology for location-based service. To save the cost, most geo-location system is implemented on the existed network service, which has a cellular structure. Still, multilateration is limited in cellular structure because it is difficult for the mobile terminal to acquire distance measurements from multiple base stations. This low hearability in the receiver is caused by co-channel interference and multipath environment. Therefore, hearability enhancement is necessary for multilateration under multipath and interference environment. Former time domain based hearability methods were designed for real signals. However, orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) signal, which its usage has been increased in digital wireless communication, is a complex signal. Thus, different hearability enhancement method is needed for OFDM signals. This paper proposes a hearability enhancement method for forward-link multilateration using OFDM signals, which employ interference cancellation and multipath mitigation. A novel interference cancellation and multipath mitigation strategy for complex-valued OFDM signals is presented that has an iterative structure. Simulation results show that the proposed multilateration method provides the user`s position with an accuracy of less than 80m through the mobile WiMAX cellular network in multipath environment.
OFDM;geo-location;Multilateration;Interference cancellation;Hearability;
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