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A New Battery Approach to Wind Generation System in Frequency Control Market
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 Title & Authors
A New Battery Approach to Wind Generation System in Frequency Control Market
Nguyen, Minh Y.; Nguyen, Dinh Hung; Yoon, Yong Tae;
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Wind power producers face many regulation costs in deregulated environment, which remarkably lowers the value of wind power in comparison with conventional sources. One of these costs is associated with the real-time variation of power output and being paid in frequency control market according to the variation band. This paper presents a new approach to coordination of battery energy storage in wind generation system for reducing the payment in frequency control market. The approach depends on the statistic data of wind generation and the prediction of frequency control market price to determine the optimal variation band which is then kept by the real-time charging and discharging of batteries, ultimately the minimum cost of frequency regulation can be obtained. The optimization problem is formulated as trade-off between the decrease in the regulation payment and the increase in the cost of using battery, and vice versus. The approach is applied to a study case and the results of simulation show its effectiveness.
Battery energy storage;Wind power producer;Frequency control market;Battery management system;
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