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A Second-Order Design Sensitivity-Assisted Monte Carlo Simulation Method for Reliability Evaluation of the Electromagnetic Devices
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 Title & Authors
A Second-Order Design Sensitivity-Assisted Monte Carlo Simulation Method for Reliability Evaluation of the Electromagnetic Devices
Ren, Ziyan; Koh, Chang-Seop;
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In the reliability-based design optimization of electromagnetic devices, the accurate and efficient reliability assessment method is very essential. The first-order sensitivity-assisted Monte Carlo Simulation is proposed in the former research. In order to improve its accuracy for wide application, in this paper, the second-order sensitivity analysis is presented by using the hybrid direct differentiation-adjoint variable method incorporated with the finite element method. By combining the second-order sensitivity with the Monte Carlo Simulation method, the second-order sensitivity-assisted Monte Carlo Simulation algorithm is proposed to implement reliability calculation. Through application to one superconductor magnetic energy storage system, its accuracy is validated by comparing calculation results with other methods.
Finite element method;Reliability evaluation;Second-order design sensitivity analysis;Sensitivity-assisted Monte Carlo simulation;Uncertainty;
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