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Parameter Design and Power Flow Control of Energy Recovery Power Accumulator Battery Pack Testing System
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 Title & Authors
Parameter Design and Power Flow Control of Energy Recovery Power Accumulator Battery Pack Testing System
Bo, Long; Chong, Kil To;
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This paper proposes a special power circuit topology and its corresponding control strategy for an energy recovery power accumulator battery pack testing system (PABPTS), which is particularly used in electric vehicles. Firstly, operation principle and related parameter design for the system are illustrated. Secondly, control strategy of the composite power converter for PABPTS is analyzed in detail. The improved scheme includes a high accuracy charge and discharge current closed loop. active power reference for the grid-side inverter is provided by the result of multiplication between battery pack terminal voltage and test current. Simulation and experimental results demonstrate that the proposed scheme could not only satisfy the requirements for PABPTS with wide-range current test, but also could recover the discharging energy to the power grid with high efficiency.
Active power;Energy recovery;Power accumulator battery pack testing system;
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