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Design and Analysis of Electrical Properties of a Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor Module for DC-Link of Hybrid Electric Vehicles
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 Title & Authors
Design and Analysis of Electrical Properties of a Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor Module for DC-Link of Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Yoon, Jung-Rag; Moon, Bong Hwa; Lee, Heun Young; Jeong, Dae Yong; Rhie, Dong Hee;
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Multilayer capacitors with high ripple current and high capacitance were manufactured. The electrical properties of these capacitors were characterized for potential application for DC-link capacitors in hybrid electric vehicle inverters. Internal electrode structures were designed to achieve high capacitance and reliability. A single multilayer capacitor showed of capacitance, 0.65% of dielectric loss, and 1450 V to 1650 V of dielectric breakdown voltage depending on the design of the internal electrode. The capacitor module designed with several multilayer capacitors gave a total capacitance of , which is enough for hybrid electric vehicles. In particular, an equivalent series resistance of or less will result in 60 , thereby reaching the allowed ripple current for hybrid electric vehicles.
Multilayer ceramic capacitor;Hybrid electric vehicle;Ripple current;ESR;
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