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New PWM Technique for Two-Phase Brushless DC Motor Drives
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 Title & Authors
New PWM Technique for Two-Phase Brushless DC Motor Drives
Lin, Hai; Kwon, Byung-Il;
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A new PWM technique for a two-phase BLDC motor fed by a two-phase eight-switch inverter is proposed in this paper. It is well known that a two-phase eight-switch inverter can significantly improve power output compared with a two-phase six-switch inverter in a two-phase motor drive. To drive the two-phase BLDC motor simply and effectively, two normal PWM strategies are investigated to manage speed regulation. However, under the conditions of low speed and light load, especially during the braking process, the current in a short time of one period is near zero, which is a discontinuous waveform every half period. To solve it, a novel PWM technique is investigated to improve the operational performance of normal technique. Using the new PWM scheme, the current continues every half period and the braking performance is improved. The effectiveness of the proposed PWM method is verified through the experiments.
Two-phase brushless DC motor;PWM technique;Inverter;
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