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Controller Design for a Quick Charger System Suitable for Electric Vehicles
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 Title & Authors
Controller Design for a Quick Charger System Suitable for Electric Vehicles
Jeong, Hae-Gwang; Lee, Kyo-Beum;
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This paper proposes a new design for quick battery charger systems for electric vehicles that consists of a three-phase inverter and a full-bridge converter which use the phase-shift method. The 3-phase inverter controls the input and DC-link voltage by use of a current controller and a voltage controller. The full-bridge converter transfers the DC-link voltage to a fixed output voltage. Designs for the output-side converter and controller for improved performance are proposed in this paper. Design schemes for the filter and controller of an input-side inverter are also presented. Furthermore, the paper proposes a compensation method for the offset current that is caused by switch failure and circuit problems. Simulations and experiments have been performed on a 50kW-battery charger system that is suitable for vehicles. The presented results verify the validity of the proposed method and the superiority of the system over conventional methods.
Quick battery charger;Type-2 controller;Notch filter;LCL filter;
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넓은 충전 범위를 갖는 전기 자동차용 급속 충전기의 고효율 운전을 위한 손실 분석,김대중;박진혁;이교범;

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