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Compact UHF 9th-Order Bandpass Filter with Sharp Skirt by Cascaded-Triplet CRLH-ZOR
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 Title & Authors
Compact UHF 9th-Order Bandpass Filter with Sharp Skirt by Cascaded-Triplet CRLH-ZOR
Kahng, Sungtek; Lee, Boram; Park, Taejoon;
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We propose a compact high-order(9th) UHF bandpass filter comprising the composite right-handed and left-handed(CRLH) zeroth-order resonators(ZORs) in the form of the three cascaded-triplets(CTs) newly applied to the ZOR filter which results in very steep skirt. The method is verified by circuit and EM simulations and measurement with metamaterial properties.
ZOR;Bandpass filter;Miniaturization;Cascaded Triplet;High channel selectivity;
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