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Combination of Light Emitting Diode at 375 nm and Photo-reactive TiO2 Layer Prepared by Electrostatic Spraying for Sterilization
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 Title & Authors
Combination of Light Emitting Diode at 375 nm and Photo-reactive TiO2 Layer Prepared by Electrostatic Spraying for Sterilization
Hwang, Kyu-Seog; Jeon, Young-Sun; Choi, Tae-Il; Hwangbo, Seung;
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The objective of this work was to increase the efficiency of ultraviolet-light emitting diodes at 375 nm for sterilization. Since had antibacterial properties, which were attributed to the appearance of hydroxyl radicals and superoxide radical anions on the surface species under ultra violet radiation at about 387 nm, photo-reactive layers such as Ag-doped were coated on aluminum substrates by electrostatic spraying. Crystallinity and surface morphology of the coating layer were examined by X-ray diffraction scan and field emission-scanning electron microscope, respectively. In an antibacterial test, we observed above 99% reduction of Escherichia coli populations on 3 or 5 mol% Ag-doped layers after irradiation for 2 hrs at 375 nm, while very low inactivation on bare aluminum substrates occurred after irradiation as the same condition.
Ag-doped ;Sterilization;Light emitting diode;Electrostatic spraying;
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