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Hybrid Artificial Immune System Approach for Profit Based Unit Commitment Problem
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 Title & Authors
Hybrid Artificial Immune System Approach for Profit Based Unit Commitment Problem
Lakshmi, K.; Vasantharathna, S.;
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This paper presents a new approach with artificial immune system algorithm to solve the profit based unit commitment problem. The objective of this work is to find the optimal generation scheduling and to maximize the profit of generation companies (Gencos) when subjected to various constraints such as power balance, spinning reserve, minimum up/down time and ramp rate limits. The proposed hybrid method is developed through adaptive search which is inspired from artificial immune system and genetic algorithm to carry out profit maximization of generation companies. The effectiveness of the proposed approach has been tested for different Gencos consists of 3, 10 and 36 generating units and the results are compared with the existing methods.
Artificial immune system;Genetic algorithm;Lagrange relaxation;Profit based unit commitment and deregulation;
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개선된 수업-학습기반 최적화 알고리즘을 이용한 자기부상 제어기의 최적 설계,조재훈;김용태;

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