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A Simplified Modulation Strategy for Three-leg Voltage Source Inverter Fed Unsymmetrical Two-winding Induction Motor
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 Title & Authors
A Simplified Modulation Strategy for Three-leg Voltage Source Inverter Fed Unsymmetrical Two-winding Induction Motor
Sinthusonthishat, Saliltip; Chuladaycha, Nontawat;
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This paper presents a simplified modulation strategy for the three-leg VSI fed two-winding induction motor. The strategy provides independent unbalanced voltage control for the main and auxiliary windings. This make the motor can be reversed rotation through the range of motor speed operation without limitation of voltage boost of the auxiliary winding. To study the advantages of the proposed drive, the experimental results such as voltage stresses, hysteresis band of the currents in locus, and also acoustic noise levels of the three-leg VSI are compared with those of the conventional two-leg topology. The results obviously show that the proposed technique achieves superior performance compared with the traditional scheme in case of dramatic increase of DC bus utilization, effective reduction of harmonic voltages content, and also significant enhancement of motor efficiency.
Three-leg voltage source inverter;Two-phase drive;Unsymmetrical two-winding induction motor;Unbalanced output voltage;
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