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Control of a Single Phase Unified Power Quality Conditioner-Distributed Generation Based Input Output feedback Linearization
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 Title & Authors
Control of a Single Phase Unified Power Quality Conditioner-Distributed Generation Based Input Output feedback Linearization
Mokhtarpour, A.; Shayanfar, H.A.; Bathaee, M.; Banaei, M.R.;
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This paper describes a novel structure for single phase Unified Power Quality Conditioner-Distributed Generation (UPQC-DG) with direct grid connected DC-AC converter for low DC output DG systems which can be used not only for compensation of power quality problems but also for supplying of load power partly. This converter has been composed of one full-bridge inverter, one three winding high frequency transformer with galvanic isolation and two cycloconverters. Proper control based on Input Output feedback Linearization is used to tracking the reference signals. The simulation and experimental results are presented to confirm the validity of the proposed approach.
UPQC-DG;Input-Output Feedback Linearization method;High Frequency Transformer;
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