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Numerical Calculations and Analyses in Diagonal Type Magnetohydrodynamic Generator
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 Title & Authors
Numerical Calculations and Analyses in Diagonal Type Magnetohydrodynamic Generator
Le, Chi Kien;
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This paper examines the effects of magnetic induction attenuation on current distribution in the exit regions of the Faraday-type, non-equilibrium plasma Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) generator by numerical calculation using cesium-seeded helium. Calculations show that reasonable magnetic induction attenuation creates a very uniform current distribution near the exit region of generator channel. Furthermore, it was determined that the current distribution in the middle part of generator is negligible, and the output electrodes can be used without large ballast resistors. In addition, the inside resistance of the exit region and the current concentration at the exit electrode edges, both decrease with the attenuation of magnetic flux density. The author illustrates that the exit electrodes of the diagonal Faraday-type, non-equilibrium plasma MHD generator should be arranged in the attenuation region of the magnetic induction, in order to improve the electrical parameters of the generator.
Numerical calculation;MHD generator;Diagonal type;Ballast resistance;Two-dimensional analysis;
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