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Analytical Modeling and Simulation of Dual Material Gate Tunnel Field Effect Transistors
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 Title & Authors
Analytical Modeling and Simulation of Dual Material Gate Tunnel Field Effect Transistors
Samuel, T.S.Arun; Balamurugan, N.B.; Sibitha, S.; Saranya, R.; Vanisri, D.;
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In this paper, a new two dimensional (2D) analytical model of a Dual Material Gate tunnel field effect transistor (DMG TFET) is presented. The parabolic approximation technique is used to solve the 2-D Poisson equation with suitable boundary conditions. The simple and accurate analytical expressions for surface potential and electric field are derived. The electric field distribution can be used to calculate the tunneling generation rate and numerically extract tunneling current. The results show a significant improvement of on-current and reduction in short channel effects. Effectiveness of the proposed method has been confirmed by comparing the analytical results with the TCAD simulation results.
Tunnel field effect transistor (TFET);Band to band Tunneling;Analytical model;Poisson equation;Parabolic approximation;Surface potential;
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고주파모델링을 위한 이중게이트 FET의 열잡음 파라미터 추출과 분석,김규철;

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