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A Design on Reduction Cogging Torque of Dual Generator Radial Flux Permanent Magnet Generator for Small Wind Turbine
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 Title & Authors
A Design on Reduction Cogging Torque of Dual Generator Radial Flux Permanent Magnet Generator for Small Wind Turbine
Lee, Gyeong-Chan; Jung, Tae-Uk;
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In this paper, the design for an electromagnetic structure and reduction cogging torque of a dual generator structured RFPM generator, which is a combination of the inner- and outer-rotor types, has been proposed. We call this a dual generator radial flux permanent magnet generator. To reduce the cogging torque, firstly, stator tooth pairing was designed; secondly, stator displacement was designed and finally, stator tooth pairing and stator displacement were carried out simultaneously. We found the optimal design condition about stator tooth pairing angle combination and stator displacement angle for cogging torque minimization. As a result, a cogging was reduced by 93.3[%] by this study.
Dual generator;RFPM;Cogging torque;Stator tooth pairing;Stator displacement;
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