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Study on Multi-scale Unit Commitment Optimization in the Wind-Coal Intensive Power System
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 Title & Authors
Study on Multi-scale Unit Commitment Optimization in the Wind-Coal Intensive Power System
Ye, Xi; Qiao, Ying; Lu, Zongxiang; Min, Yong; Wang, Ningbo;
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Coordinating operation between large-scale wind power and thermal units in multiple time scale is an important problem to keep power balance, especially for the power grids mainly made up of large coal-fired units. The paper proposes a novel operation mode of multi-scale unit commitment (abbr. UC) that includes mid-term UC and day-ahead UC, which can take full advantage of insufficient flexibility and improve wind power accommodation. First, we introduce the concepts of multi-scale UC and then illustrate the benefits of introducing mid-term UC to the wind-coal intensive grid. The paper then formulates the mid-term UC model, proposes operation performance indices and validates the optimal operation mode by simulation cases. Compared with day-ahead UC only, the multi-scale UC mode could reduce the total generation cost and improve the wind power net benefit by decreasing the coal-fired units` on/off operation. The simulation results also show that the maximum total generation benefit should be pursued rather than the wind power utilization rate in wind-coal intensive system.
Multi-scale;Unit commitment;Coal-fired units;High wind power penetration;Coordinating operation;
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