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A Probabilistic Approach to Small Signal Stability Analysis of Power Systems with Correlated Wind Sources
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 Title & Authors
A Probabilistic Approach to Small Signal Stability Analysis of Power Systems with Correlated Wind Sources
Yue, Hao; Li, Gengyin; Zhou, Ming;
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This paper presents a probabilistic methodology for small signal stability analysis of power system with correlated wind sources. The approach considers not only the stochastic characteristics of wind speeds which are treated as random variables with Weibull distributions, while also the wind speed spatial correlations which are characterized by a correlation matrix. The approach based on the 2m+1 point estimate method and Cornish Fisher expansion, the orthogonal transformation technique is used to deal with the correlation of wind farms. A case study is carried out on IEEE New England system and the probabilistic indexes for eigenvalue analysis are computed from the statistical processing of the obtained results. The accuracy and efficiency of the proposed method are confirmed by comparing with the results of Monte Carlo simulation. The numerical results indicate that the proposed method can actually capture the probabilistic characteristics of mode properties of the power systems with correlated wind sources and the consideration of spatial correlation has influence on the probability of system small signal stability.
Small signal stability;Probabilistic analysis;Correlated wind sources;Point estimate method;
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