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Modelling and Simulating the Spatio-Temporal Correlations of Clustered Wind Power Using Copula
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 Title & Authors
Modelling and Simulating the Spatio-Temporal Correlations of Clustered Wind Power Using Copula
Zhang, Ning; Kang, Chongqing; Xu, Qianyao; Jiang, Changming; Chen, Zhixu; Liu, Jun;
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Modelling and simulating the wind power intermittent behaviour are the basis of the planning and scheduling studies concerning wind power integration. The wind power outputs are evidently correlated in space and time and bring challenges in characterizing their behaviour. This paper provides a methodology to model and simulate the clustered wind power considering its spatio-temporal correlations using the theory of copula. The sampling approach captures the complex spatio-temporal connections among the wind farms by employing a conditional density function calculated using multidimensional copula function. The empirical study of real wind power measurement shows how the wind power outputs are correlated and how these correlations affect the overall uncertainty of clustered wind power output. The case study validates the simulation technique by comparing the simulated results with the real measurements.
Clustered wind power;Copula;Probabilistic modelling;Spatio-temporal correlations;Wind power output simulation;
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