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Analysis of Half-coiled Short-pitch Windings with Different Phase Belt for Multiphase Bearingless Motor
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 Title & Authors
Analysis of Half-coiled Short-pitch Windings with Different Phase Belt for Multiphase Bearingless Motor
Li, Bingnan; Huang, Jin; Kong, Wubin; Zhao, Lihang;
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The analysis and comparation of the half-coiled short-pitch windings with different phase belt are presented in the paper. The half-coiled short-pitch windings can supply the odd and even harmonics simultaneously, which can be applied in multiphase bearingless motor (MBLM). The space harmonic distribution of the half-coiled short-pitch windings with two kinds of phase belt is studied wi th respect to different coil pitch, and the suitable coil pitch can be selected from the analysis results to reduce the additional radial force and torque pulse. The two kinds of half-coiled short-pitch windings are applied to the five- and six-phase bearingless motor, and the comparation from the Finite Element Method (FEM) results shows that the winding with phase belt is fit for the five phase bearingless motor and the winding with phase belt is suitable for the six phase bearingless motor. Finally, a five phase surface-mounted permanent magnet (PM) bearingless motor is built and the experimental results are presented to verify the validity and feasibility of the analysis. The results presented in this paper will give useful guidelines for design optimization of the MBLM.
Bearingless motor;Finite Element Method (FEM);Half-coiled short-pitch winding;Multiphase;
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