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A New Multimachine Robust Based Anti-skid Control System for High Performance Electric Vehicle
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 Title & Authors
A New Multimachine Robust Based Anti-skid Control System for High Performance Electric Vehicle
Hartani, Kada; Draou, Azeddine;
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This paper presents a high performance sensor less control four motorized wheels for electric vehicle. Firstly, we applied a sensor less master-slave DTC based control to both the two in wheel motors by using sliding mode observer for its quick response and its high reliability in electric vehicle application. Secondly, to overcome the possible loss of adherence of one of the four wheels which is likely to destabilize the vehicle a solution is proposed in this paper. Thirdly, a Fuzzy logic anti-skid control structure well adapted to the non-linear system is used to overcome the main problem of power train system in the wheel road adhesion characteristic. Various Simulation results have been include in this paper to show that the proposed control strategy can prevent vehicle sliding and show good vehicle stability on a curved path.
Electric vehicle;Dynamic model;Motorized wheel;In-wheel motor;Fuzzy logic;Sensorless control;
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