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Effects of Magneto-Dielectric Ceramics for Small Antenna Application
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Magneto-Dielectric Ceramics for Small Antenna Application
Kim, Jae-Sik; Lee, Young-Hie; Lee, Byungje; Lee, Jong-Chul; Choi, Jin Joo; Kim, Jin Young;
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Hexagonal Ba-ferrites are widely suggested as materials for small antennas. In this paper, the sintering behavior and magneto-electric properties of () ceramics were investigated for small antenna application. All samples of ceramics were prepared by the solid-state reaction method and sintered at . From the XRD patterns of the sintered ceramics, the Z-type phases were found to be the main phases. The real part of permittivity and permeability of the ceramics decreased with frequency. On the other hand, loss tangents of permittivity and permeability tended to behave opposite to real part of permittivity and permeability. The real part of permeability was affected by Mn additions. The real part of permittivity, the loss tangent of permittivity and the real part of permeability, the loss tangent of permeability of ceramics were 19.774, 0.176 and 15.183, 0.073, respectively, at 510 MHz. In order to investigate the effect of magneto-dielectric ceramics on antenna, PIFA (Planar Inverted F Antenna) was simulated with CST (Computer Simulation Technology). The operating frequency of antenna was decreased without considerable change of bandwidth by using the ceramics as the carrier.
Magneto-dielectrics; ferrite;Small antennas;Bandwidth;
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