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Metamaterial CRLH Structure-based Balun for Common-Mode Current Indicator
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 Title & Authors
Metamaterial CRLH Structure-based Balun for Common-Mode Current Indicator
Kahng, Sungtek; Lee, Jinil; Kim, Koon-Tae; Kim, Hyeong-Seok;
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We proposed a new PCB-type `common-mode current() and differential-mode current() detector` working for fast detection of and from the differential-mode signaling, with miniaturization effect and possibility of cheaper fabrication. In order to realize this device, we suggest a branch-line-coupler balun having a composite right- and left-handed(CRLH) one-layer microstrip phase-shifting line as compact as roughly . The presented balun obviously is different from the conventional bent-&-folded delay lines or slits on the ground for coupling the lines on the top and bottom dielectrics. As we connect the suggested balun output ports of the differential-mode signal lines via the through-port named U and coupled-port named L, and will appear at port and port of the present device, in order. The validity of the design scheme is verified by the circuit-and numerical electromagnetic analyses, and the dispersion curve proving the metamaterial characteristics of the geometry. Besides, the examples of the and indicator are observed as the even and odd modes in differential-mode signal feeding. Also, the proposed device is shown to be very compact, compared with the conventional structure.
Metamaterial;Balun;Common-mode current detection;Composite right- and Left-handed;Phase shifter;
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