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A New Assessment for the Total Harmonic Contributions at the Point of Common Coupling
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 Title & Authors
A New Assessment for the Total Harmonic Contributions at the Point of Common Coupling
Han, Jong-Hoon; Lee, Kyebyung; Song, Chong Suk; Jang, Gilsoo; Byeon, Gilsung; Park, Chang-Hyun;
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A new method to determine the total harmonic contributions of several customers and the utility at the point of common coupling is presented. The proposed method can quantify the individual harmonic impact of each suspicious harmonic source at the point of common coupling. The individual harmonic impact index is then used to assess the total harmonic contribution of each harmonic source. This index can be calculated by the results processed from instantaneous harmonic voltage and current phasor values. The results demonstrate the performance of the proposed method in terms of steady-state accuracy and response to time-varying operating conditions. The proposed index can be used for billing purposes to control harmonic distortion levels in power systems.
Harmonic analysis;Harmonic distortion;Harmonic source;Parameter estimation;Point of common coupling;Power quality;
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