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Determination of Secondary Reserve Requirement Through Interaction-dependent Clearance Between Ex-ante and Ex-post
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 Title & Authors
Determination of Secondary Reserve Requirement Through Interaction-dependent Clearance Between Ex-ante and Ex-post
Kim, Sun Kyo; Park, Joon-Hyung; Yoon, Yong Tae;
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This paper discusses a method for the determination of frequency control reserve requirement with consideration of the interaction between ex-ante planning and real-time balancing. In proposed method, we consider the fact that the delivered energy for tertiary control reserve is determined based on required capacity for secondary control reserve and the expected amount of load errors. Uncertain load errors are derived by Brownian motion, an optimization method is suggested using a stochastic programming. In a short, we propose an interactive dependent method for determining secondary control reserve requirement based on the principle that it satisfies to minimize the total cost. As a result, this paper provides will analyze for an example model to demonstrate the capabilities of the method.
Ancillary service;Frequency control reserve;Primary control reserve;Secondary control reserve;Tertiary control reserve;Real time balancing;Stochastic programming;Market settlement;
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