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A New Solution for Stochastic Optimal Power Flow: Combining Limit Relaxation with Iterative Learning Control
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 Title & Authors
A New Solution for Stochastic Optimal Power Flow: Combining Limit Relaxation with Iterative Learning Control
Gong, Jinxia; Xie, Da; Jiang, Chuanwen; Zhang, Yanchi;
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A stochastic optimal power flow (S-OPF) model considering uncertainties of load and wind power is developed based on chance constrained programming (CCP). The difficulties in solving the model are the nonlinearity and probabilistic constraints. In this paper, a limit relaxation approach and an iterative learning control (ILC) method are implemented to solve the S-OPF model indirectly. The limit relaxation approach narrows the solution space by introducing regulatory factors, according to the relationship between the constraint equations and the optimization variables. The regulatory factors are designed by ILC method to ensure the optimality of final solution under a predefined confidence level. The optimization algorithm for S-OPF is completed based on the combination of limit relaxation and ILC and tested on the IEEE 14-bus system.
Chance constrained programming;Iterative learning control;Stochastic optimal power flow;Wind power;
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