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Probabilistic Power Flow Studies Incorporating Correlations of PV Generation for Distribution Networks
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 Title & Authors
Probabilistic Power Flow Studies Incorporating Correlations of PV Generation for Distribution Networks
Ren, Zhouyang; Yan, Wei; Zhao, Xia; Zhao, Xueqian; Yu, Juan;
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This paper presents a probabilistic power flow (PPF) analysis method for distribution network incorporating the randomness and correlation of photovoltaic (PV) generation. Based on the multivariate kernel density estimation theory, the probabilistic model of PV generation is proposed without any assumption of theoretical parametric distribution, which can accurately capture not only the randomness but also the correlation of PV resources at adjacent locations. The PPF method is developed by combining the proposed PV model and Monte Carlo technique to evaluate the influence of the randomness and correlation of PV generation on the performance of distribution networks. The historical power output data of three neighboring PV generators in Oregon, USA, and 34-bus/69-bus radial distribution networks are used to demonstrate the correctness, effectiveness, and application of the proposed PV model and PPF method.
Photovoltaic generation;Randomness;Correlation;Nonparametric kernel density estimation;Probabilistic power flow;
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