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A High Efficiency DC-DC Boost Converter with Passive Regenerative Snubber
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 Title & Authors
A High Efficiency DC-DC Boost Converter with Passive Regenerative Snubber
Radika, P.;
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This paper describes the improvement in converter efficiency by reducing the switching loss and by recovering the snubber stored energy. A capacitive based passive regenerative snubber circuit is modeled for a dc-dc boost converter. The proposed snubber is mainly used to reduce the turn-off loss of the main switch. The energy recovery process and the turn-off loss depends on the size of the snubber capacitance; therefore, the conventional and the proposed converters are designed for high and low input voltage conditions with different sizes of the snubber capacitance. Based on the results obtained, the snubber capacitors are classified as small, normal and large snubbers. The Matlab simulation results obtained are presented.
Boost converter;Passive snubber;Regenerative snubber;Turn-off loss;Snubber capacitor;Boost inductance;
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