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Expanded Guide Circle-based Obstacle Avoidance for the Remotely Operated Mobile Robot
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 Title & Authors
Expanded Guide Circle-based Obstacle Avoidance for the Remotely Operated Mobile Robot
Park, Seunghwan; Kim, Gon-Woo;
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For the remote operation of the mobile robot, the human operator depends fully on the sensory information which is the partial information of the workspace of the mobile robot. It is usually very hard to fully manually operate the mobile robot in this situation. We propose the efficient guidance navigation method for improving the efficiency of the remote operation with the expanded guide circle using the sensory information. The guidance command is generated from the proposed algorithm using the expanded guide circle. We evaluated the performance of the proposed algorithm using the experiments.
Remote operation;Mobile robot;Obstacle avoidance;Navigation;
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미지 환경에서 이동로봇의 퍼지추론 기반 자율항법,조연;이동환;이홍규;

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