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Sensorless Vector Control of Induction Motors for Wind Energy Applications Using MRAS and ASO
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 Title & Authors
Sensorless Vector Control of Induction Motors for Wind Energy Applications Using MRAS and ASO
Jeong, Il-Woo; Choi, Won-Shik; Park, Ki-Hyeon;
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Speed sensorless modes of operation are becoming standard solution in the area of electric drives. This paper presents flux estimator and speed estimator for the speed sensorless vector control of induction motors. The proposed sensorless methods are based on the model reference adaptive system (MRAS) observer and adaptive speed observer (ASO). The proposed speed estimation algorithm can be employed in the power control of grid connected induction generator for wind power applications. Two proposed schemes are verified through computer simulation PSIM and compared their simulation results.
Wind energy;Sensorless vector control;Induction motor;Model reference adaptive system(MRAS);Adaptive speed observer(ASO);
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