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Transmission Network Expansion Planning for the Penetration of Renewable Energy Sources - Determining an Optimal Installed Capacity of Renewable Energy Sources
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 Title & Authors
Transmission Network Expansion Planning for the Penetration of Renewable Energy Sources - Determining an Optimal Installed Capacity of Renewable Energy Sources
Kim, Sung-Yul; Shin, Je-Seok; Kim, Jin-O;
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Due to global environmental regulations and policies with rapid advancement of renewable energy technologies, the development type of renewable energy sources (RES) in power systems is expanding from small-scale distributed generation to large-scale grid-connected systems. In the near future, it is expected that RES achieves grid parity which means the equilibrium point where the power cost of RES is equal to the power costs of conventional generators. However, although RES would achieve the grid parity, the cost related with development of large-scale RES is still a big burden. Furthermore, it is hard to determine a suitable capacity of RES because of their output characteristics affected by locations and weather effects. Therefore, to determine an optimal capacity for RES becomes an important decision-making problem. This study proposes a method for determining an optimal installed capacity of RES from the business viewpoint of an independent power plant (IPP). In order to verify the proposed method, we have performed case studies on real power system in Incheon and Shiheung areas, South Korea.
Renewable energy source;Transmission network expansion planning;Optimal installed capacity;Individual power plant;
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전기충전소의 경제적 운영을 위한 독립발전 시스템 설계,서진규;김규호;이상봉;

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