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Optimum Rotor Shaping for Torque Improvement of Double Stator Switched Reluctance Motor
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 Title & Authors
Optimum Rotor Shaping for Torque Improvement of Double Stator Switched Reluctance Motor
Tavakkoli, Mohammadali; Moallem, Mehdi;
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Although the power density in Double Stator Switched Reluctance Motor (DSSRM) has been improved, the torque ripple is still very high. So, it is important to reduce the torque ripple for specific applications such as Electric Vehicles (EVs). In This paper, an effective rotor shaping optimization technique for torque ripple reduction of DSSRM is presented. This method leads to the lower torque pulsation without significant reduction in the average torque. The method is based on shape optimization of the rotor using Finite Element Method and Taguchi`s optimization method for rotor reshaping for redistribution of the flux so that the phase inductance profile has smoother variation as the rotor poles move into alignment with excited stator poles. To check on new design robustness, mechanical analysis was used to evaluate structural conformity against local electromagnetic forces which cause vibration and deformation. The results show that this shape optimization technique has profound effect on the torque ripple reduction.
Double stator switched reluctance motor;Finite element method;Mechanical stress analysis;Torque ripple reduction;
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