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A 2D Analytical Modeling of Single Halo Triple Material Surrounding Gate (SHTMSG) MOSFET
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 Title & Authors
A 2D Analytical Modeling of Single Halo Triple Material Surrounding Gate (SHTMSG) MOSFET
Dhanaselvam, P. Suveetha; Balamurugan, N.B.; Chakaravarthi, G.C. Vivek; Ramesh, R.P.; Kumar, B.R. Sathish;
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In the proposed work a 2D analytical modeling of single halo Triple material Surrounding Gate (SH-TMSG) MOSFET is developed. The Surface potential and Electric Field has been derived using parabolic approximation method and the simulation results are analyzed. The essential substantive is provided which elicits the deterioration of short channel effects and the results of the analytical model are delineated and compared with MEDICI simulation results and it is well corroborated.
Electric field;Halo;Short channel effects;Surface potential;
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