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Investigation of the Finite Planar Frequency Selective Surface with Defect Patterns
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 Title & Authors
Investigation of the Finite Planar Frequency Selective Surface with Defect Patterns
Hong, Ic-Pyo;
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In this paper, RCS characteristics on defect pattern of crossed dipole slot FSS having a finite size have been analyzed. To analyze RCS, we applied the electric field integral equation analysis which applies BiCGSTab algorithm with iterative method and uses RWG basis function. To verify the validity of this paper, RCS of PEC sphere has been compared to the theoretical results and FSSs with defect patterns are fabricated and measured. As defect patterns in FSS, missing one column, missing some elements, and discontinuity in surfaces are simulated and compared with the measurement results. Resonant frequency shifts in pass band and changes in bandwidth are observed. From the results, precisely predicting and designing frequency characteristics over defect patterns are essential when applying FSS structures such as FSS radomes.
Frequency selective surface;Electric field integral equation;Radar cross section;
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