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Spatial Compounding of Ultrasonic Diagnostic Images for Rotating Linear Probe with Geometric Parameter Error Compensation
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 Title & Authors
Spatial Compounding of Ultrasonic Diagnostic Images for Rotating Linear Probe with Geometric Parameter Error Compensation
Choi, Myoung Hwan; Bae, Moo Ho;
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In ultrasonic medical imaging, spatial compounding of images is a technique where ultrasonic beam is steered to examine patient tissues in multiple angles. In the conventional ultrasonic diagnostic imaging, the steering of the ultrasonic beam is achieved electronically using the phased array transducer elements. In this paper, a spatial compounding approach is presented where the ultrasonic probe element is rotated mechanically and the beam steering is achieved mechanically. In the spatial compounding, target position is computed using the value of the rotation axis and the transducer array angular position. However, in the process of the rotation mechanism construction and the control system there arises the inevitable uncertainties in these values. These geometric parameter errors result in the target position error, and the consequence is a blurry compounded image. In order to reduce these target position errors, we present a spatial compounding scheme where error correcting transformation matrices are computed and applied to the raw images before spatial compounding to reduce the blurriness in the compounded image. The proposed scheme is illustrated using phantom and live scan images of human knee, and it is shown that the blurriness is effectively reduced.
Ultrasonic imaging;Spatial compounding;Linear probe;Error compensation;Rotating ultrasonic probe;
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