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Single Input Multi Output DC/DC Converter: An Approach to Voltage Balancing in Multilevel Inverter
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 Title & Authors
Single Input Multi Output DC/DC Converter: An Approach to Voltage Balancing in Multilevel Inverter
Banaei, M.R.; Nayeri, B.; Salary, E.;
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This paper presents a new DC/AC multilevel converter. This configuration uses single DC sources. The proposed converter has two stages. The first stage is a DC/DC converter that can produce several DC-links in the output. The DC/DC converter is one type of boost converter and uses single inductor. The second stage is a multilevel inverter with several capacitor links. In this paper, one single input multi output DC-DC converter is used in order to voltage balancing on multilevel converter. In addition, as compare to traditional multilevel inverter, presented DC/AC multilevel converter has less on-state voltage drop and conduction losses. Finally, in order to verify the theoretical issues, simulation and experimental results are presented.
DC-DC converter;Single input multi output;Voltage balancing;
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