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Investigation of InAs/InGaAs/InP Heterojunction Tunneling Field-Effect Transistors
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 Title & Authors
Investigation of InAs/InGaAs/InP Heterojunction Tunneling Field-Effect Transistors
Eun, Hye Rim; Woo, Sung Yun; Lee, Hwan Gi; Yoon, Young Jun; Seo, Jae Hwa; Lee, Jung-Hee; Kim, Jungjoon; Kang, In Man;
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Tunneling field-effect transistors (TFETs) are very applicable to low standby-power application by their virtues of low off-current () and small subthreshold swing (S). However, low on-current () of silicon-based TFETs has been pointed out as a drawback. To improve of TFET, a gate-all-around (GAA) TFET based on III-V compound semiconductor with InAs/InGaAs/InP multiple-heterojunction structure is proposed and investigated. Its performances have been evaluated with the gallium (Ga) composition (x) for in the channel region. According to the simulation results for , , S, and on/off current ratio (), the device adopting channel showed the optimum direct-current (DC) performance, as a result of controlling the Ga fraction. By introducing an n-type InGaAs thin layer near the source end, improved DC characteristics and radio-frequency (RF) performances were obtained due to boosted band-to-band (BTB) tunneling efficiency.
Gate-all-around;InAs/InGaAs/InP heterojunction;Tunneling field-effect transistor;TCAD;
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