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Virtual Environment Modeling for Battery Management System
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 Title & Authors
Virtual Environment Modeling for Battery Management System
Piao, Chang-Hao; Yu, Qi-Fan; Duan, Chong-Xi; Su, Ling; Zhang, Yan;
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The offline verification of state of charge estimation, power estimation, fault diagnosis and emergency control of battery management system (BMS) is one of the key technologies in the field of electric vehicle battery system. It is difficult to test and verify the battery management system software in the early stage, especially for algorithms such as system state estimation, emergency control and so on. This article carried out the virtual environment modeling for verification of battery management system. According to the input/output parameters of battery management system, virtual environment is determined to run the battery management system. With the integration of the developed BMS model and the external model, the virtual environment model has been established for battery management system in the vehicle`s working environment. Through the virtual environment model, the effectiveness of software algorithm of BMS was verified, such as battery state parameters estimation, power estimation, fault diagnosis, charge and discharge management, etc.
Battery management system;Virtual environment;Electric vehicle;Simulation;
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